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English Instructor - Fulltime. 2.65~3.15MKW

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Full Time



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June 1, 2024



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Map Updated: May 15, 2024

English Instructor - Fulltime. 2.65~3.15MKW

Position Description:

● About Student : Elementary 3rd~6th, Middle 1st~3rd.

● Location : Cheon-ahn, Chung-nam.

● Working Condition :

- 1 year : Start date(Jun. or Aug. 2024)

- 5 days(Mon~Fri) a week. 14:30~22:00 a day. Avg. 27 teaching time a week. and working once a month for 5 hours on the third Sat. for the make-up class. (252days per year)

- 9~12 vacation days a year(usually end of Jul. & Dec.) except national holidays.

- Providing laptop.

- Providing Lecture Support System.

- Providing housing or house allowance(Maximum 600,000KW).

- Severance pay after one year of work.

- Insurance 50% paid by academy.

- Oneway Airplane Ticket.(Maximum 700,000KW)

● Visa : E2, F(Bilingual) / must have all the apostilled doc.

● Experience : 2 years or more.

● Salary Range : 2.65MKW~3.15MKW per Month.(Depends on the interview and experience)

● About school :

- Franchise HQ (Directly operated HQ(Gang-nam Seoul)) / Has own Program(ESL & EFL)

- Systemized Lecture Supporting Program

- Reasonable Culture

"Please send your information to company e-mail(einstinct@naver.com)."
- Requirement (The following items allow you to process your job faster)
*visa type
*cell phone number
*Current Location
*Possible start date

To apply, email einstinct@naver.com