Candidacy Assessment Score

<0: Since you do not have a degree, you do not qualify for any of the teaching visas (E2, E4, or E7). If you have access to other visa types you might be able to work as a TA.

10-20: You're inexperienced. You will have a hard time getting the better jobs. Your best bet is to go for beginning level jobs.

25-40: Your have SOME experience/credentials, so you can reject beginning level jobs.

45-75: You are decently certified and have some experience. You should be able to land decent jobs with above average pay and perks.

80-100: You are a qualified teacher with the right credentials and experience. You should be able to pick from the crème de la crème (the Best Hagwons or Private School/Academy.

100+: You are in the top 1%. The world (teaching world) is your oyster.